Move Your Body Move Your Mind!

The Movement Is My Medicine Festival (MIMM) celebrates our ancient and modern understanding of the link between movement, the brain, the body and wellbeing.

Over 3-days in April 2014, participants where invited to experience talks, demonstrations and classes from leading movement educators. Honouring strength in our diversity, MIMM is a community event which has been created to inspire individual wellbeing and connect our communities.


Why Movement?

Human cultures around the globe are united by the common understanding that body and mind are inseparable. The idea is that all experiences are stored in the body memory. Body movement reflects inner states and changes in movement behaviour lead to changes in the psyche. Move your body, move your mind!

To learn more about the fundamental importance of movement to human wellbeing, visit Dr. John J Ratey @ Tedx – Run, Jump, Learn! How Exercise can Transform our Schools: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBSVZdTQmDs


Who Is This Festival For?

Youth, adults, seniors, people with different abilities – no matter what age, culture, or physical ability we all share the joys and challenges of inhabiting a body and using a mind. MIMM will be accessible to all demographics and is a non-alcoholic event. Movement Is My Medicine will inspire engaging and truly fulfilling forms of entertainment and expression for South Australia’s community.

“There isn’t an education system on the planet that teaches dance everyday to children the way we teach them mathematics. Why? Why not? I think this is rather important. I think math is very important, but so is dance. Children dance all the time if they’re allowed to, we all do. We all have bodies, don’t we? Did I miss a meeting?” Ken Robinson