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Ancient Movement for Today


Kalarippayattu (Kalari) is Southern India’s ancient martial and healing tradition that evolved alongside Yoga and Ayurveda. It is a complete system of body-oriented psychotherapy. The practice stresses the concept of living and grounding ourselves in the world. Emphasis is on the expansion and development of the senses, a paradigm commonly called ‘when the body becomes all eyes’.

Kalari has a reputation as an art with highly developed body language & expression that brings union to the body and mind. Kalari helps us to focus and connect with ourselves, to discover both inner and physical strength, flexibility and balance.


Why Kalari:

Shariam Bhavam ‘The Awakened Body of Kalari’

Olukku, describes the experience of moving the body, like a river without edges. Sathyan Narayan, the son of a traditional Kalarippayattu Gurukkal from India, explains that this creation of unbroken flow is the ultimate aim of Kalari movement. Sathyan views tensions of the body-mind as the blocks that create jagged movement and the Kalari practice as a way of dissolving blockages.

Why practice Kalari movement? To create a fluid, strong, and present body and mind that is aligned with the flow of Being.


Guest Teachers:

Katrin Kueker, Germany

Katrin has been studying Kalarippayat intensively for the last three years, spending parts of each year practicing in India. Katrin has studied both the martial & healing aspects of Kalari & is also an experienced Yoga teacher & Thai Yoga Massage practitioner.


Alana Gregory, Australia

Alana is one of the few teachers of Kalari in Australia, holding regular classes at Point A Movement Centre in Adelaide. She has spent nine months living in India, training at Gurukkal Sherifka’s Kalari academy. Having personally experienced a total transformation of her mind, body & spirit due to Kalari, Alana is passionate about sharing the practice with others. Alana is also an E-RYT 200hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher.


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