Saturday 5th April was the Movement Is My Medicine day when kids were invited to play,  move,  dance, create and learn!


Workshops with SAPA and Cirkidz

When: Saturday 5th April, from 2:15pm-5:00pm

Where: The Mill / Point A – Gunson St, Adelaide

How: Tickets are $30 and include both workshops. Visit the MIMM Eventbrite to book workshops.


We have two workshops for kids (7-12 years old)…

2:15-3:15pm: Circus with Cirkidz Tribe

4-5pm: Parkour with Travis Ranson from the South Australian Parkour Association



Cirkidz runs a circus school, performance program and several circus as social outreach projects.


ABOUT TRAVIS and the South Australian Parkour Association

Travis is an advocate for movement cultures that aren’t centred on competitive sport. He volunteers his time and energy to encourage young people to embrace constructive, healthy choices. His help is sought by governments and schools and he was recently nominated for Young South Australian of the Year. Travis openly shares his philosophy of empowerment, discipline, nutrition, creativity and inclusiveness, and is a positive example of healthy, active living.

The South Australian Parkour Association (SAPA) is a non-profit based in Adelaide in order to facilitate, teach, promote, and protect Parkour. Parkour is all about moving through space, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing




Art with Milkcrate Culture

Milkcrate Culture is a new innovative urban art centre for creative people in Pultney Street, Adelaide 5000. The team will be running art workshops for kids, throughout the day, as well as creating live art for people to watch and enjoy.

When: Saturday 5th April, from 1pm-6:30pm

Where: The Mill / Point A – Gunson St, Adelaide

How: This is FREE for all children


Milkcrate Culture brings our community a gallery/studio/workshop/retail/museum/specialty store, unlike no other. It is a creative playground within a cool contemporary arts gallery that sells a wide selection of street art supplies and clothing.

The space has been created by self-confessed devotees of street art, designed with exhibiting street arts in mind. A foundation to awaken and nurture unexplored talent while promoting those at the forefront of street art culture.This creative space will in part help Adelaide represent itself as part of the urban art movement and be a place constantly swarming with artists with a thirst for collaboration, creativity and the possibility of expressing themselves freely on our walls and at our events.
Some things that happen at Milkcrate Culture:
Artist Workshops (Beginner to Advanced)
Limited Edition Clothing, Shoes & Art
Gallery of Vacant Space Event Artwork
Local Urban Artist Exhibitions
Museum of Street Art
Retailer of Molotow Specialty Products
Urban Art Supply Store
Buddha Hampton

Artwork by Buddha Hampton.