The Movement Is My Medicine Festival (MIMM) honours strength in diversity, by embracing South Australia’s dynamic range of movement teachers and professionals.

Each of us is unique in our abilities and our fundamental nature. Each of us will find a different movement practice which suits our current stage of life. Our aim in providing a range of movement presenters and practices during the MIMM Day of Workshops is to allow people to explore and find the movement practice which suits them wherever they are at – physically and mentally.


Meet the Movement Is My Medicine workshop leaders…


Uncle Moogy

Ngarrindjeri Martial Arts and Dance

Tal-Kin-Jeri Dance Group

Uncle Moogy teaches traditional Ngarrindjeri dance and martial arts to the next generation of Ngarrindjeri, as well as sharing traditional practices available to be shared with non-Aboriginal peoples.

Uncle Moogy is known as an Elder with a strong cultural will, ”We have to make sure these things don’t get lost again. That’s what we’re doing here – dancing the healing spirit back into the land and the water and back into ourselves.”

Alana Gregory & Katrin Kueker

Kalarippayattu (Kalari)

Kalari Australia

Katrin and Alana, from Kalari Australia, have been studying Kalarippayat, the South Indian martial and healing art, since 2010.

They have both spent several months studying under Grandmaster Gurukkal Mohammed C. M. Sherif in Kerala, India, at the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy.

Having experienced the complete transformation of mind and body through the practice and healing art of Kalari, they are passionate about sharing Kalarippayattu with others.

Ricardo Vargas

Jeet Kune Do

Ricardo Vargus Jeet Kune Do

Ricardo Vargus is a second generation student in Jeet Kune Do, the martial art and philosophy of the legendary Bruce Lee, the most extraordinary martial artist of our time. He was personally trained and certified as professional JKD instructor by two of his original students the late Sifu Jerry Poteet and Grandmaster Richard S Bustillo.  He was also certified in Golden Dragon Self-defense System by its founder Grandmaster Sebastian Nazario. ​

Jeet Kune Do is more than just a martial art style or a training method for body combat. The aim of combat sports is to defeat the opponent, whereas the aim of JKD is more to do with self-development and improvement. JKD is about belief in the individual, belief in yourself and your ability to overcome any obstacle, no matter how big or small.

Travis Ranson

Parkour for Kids and Adults

Point A Centre for Movement

Travis aka TJ,  has been working dog and bone to create a space and place for young people, old people, any people to MOVE. The result is Point A – a community hub where you can learn to juggle, jump, flip, sit, roll, and just generally inhabit and appreciate your body.

An advocate for movement cultures that aren’t centred on competitive sport, Travis volunteers his time and energy to encourage young people to embrace constructive, healthy choices. His help is sought by governments and schools and he was recently nominated for Young South Australian of the Year. Travis openly shares his philosophy of empowerment, discipline, nutrition, creativity and inclusiveness, and is a positive example of healthy, active living.

Melski Mel


Learn to Break

As Director of ‘Learn To Break’, Melissa Hall a.k.a. Bgirl Melski is one of Adelaide’s foremost Breaking instructors and Hip Hop events coordinators. Currently representing Fresh Fools crew, she is also a member of Nokturnal crew (Aust.) and honorary member of all-female crew ‘Outskirtz’ (Aust./NZ). Understanding that international training and professional development are vitally important to the maintenance of Breaking culture on a local level and recognising that the future of Australia’s Breaking culture lies with the younger generation,  Bgirl Melski is hugely passionate about nurturing Adelaide’s local talent of all ages and abilities through her classes and events, bringing interstate and international opportunities that she has enjoyed back to South Australia.

Matt Cassidy


Adelaide Krump Alliance

Matt from Adelaide Krump Alliance (AKA) is a Krumper on a mission. The root word “Krump” came from the lyrics of a song in the 1990s. It is sometimes spelled K.R.U.M.P., which is a backronym for Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise, presenting krumping as a faith-based art form. Matt brings Krump to those who want to express themselves  through movement with STRENGTH!

Aidan Kane Munn

Contemporary Dance

Graduating from the Australian ballet school in 1989, Aidan Began his career with Australian Dance Theatre going on to work for many companies including Leigh Warren and dancers(founding member), Outlet dance, Buzz Hip-Hop Circus, Da Whyze Guize and Slack Taxi.

Aidan debuted his first major work “Addlogo- are you Australia’s next choreographic tool?” in the Adelaide Fringe2007, which received the Oscart award for best contemporary dance, performed by dance students from the Adelaide Centre of Performing Arts. He has now created two other dance works for Adelaide Centre of the Arts “Meta Quantum Geek”2009 and  his most recent work“ The land of Everchange”2012 .

Aidan has created two major independent dance works “Virus” a work inspired by Japanese animation performed as part of Adelaide Fringe 2009 and “Scandalous” a work inspired by the glamour and gossip of the1920’, performed as part of the Cabaret fringe festival 2010.

Aidan has also choreographed for Ausdance SA, South Australian State Opera, No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability, Kurruru Indigenous Youth Arts, Cirkidz and the Adelaide Fringe parade.

Master George H. Lee

Tai Chi

Master George H. Lee started the martial arts at the age of 13 years in 1966. He studied Kung Fu under a prominent master in Brunei later in 1969 joined the Brunei Karate Association.

He came to Adelaide in 1970 for further tertiary education and continues his martial arts career under several martial masters here and overseas.

He started teaching martial arts in 1971 and was also and exponent in Kung Fu, Karate, Kempo, Silat and various weaponry.

In 1986 following his fathers advice he took up Chi Kung and Tai Chi. Because extensive martial arts skill he was able to advance rapidly and proficiently in the Internal Arts. He also took interest in Healing powers of Chi and in 1988, pursued in the field of Chinese acupressure massage, oriental and western herbal therapies.

He lectures at the Adelaide Training Collage of complimentary medicine faculty in the theory and practical concepts of the Chi Kung and Tai Chi as elective studies. Apart from the teachings, he also finds the time to conduct seminars, workshops and community talks to interested members of society.


Capoeira Angola

Capoeira Angola Adelaide

Capoeira Teacher Caverinha started Capoeira in 1999, in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Mestre Pedrinho de Caxias (Rio de Janeiro Brazil.) 

Caverinha arrived in Adelaide in early 2010 with the objective to share his knowledge, learnt from his mestre. Always with respect for fundamentals and traditions of Capoeira Angola. 

Kate Lawrence

Aerial Yoga

Zig Zag Circus

Aerial Yoga is a new type of Yoga that uses a fabric hammock, sometimes called a yoga swing, as a tool to help practitioners achieve the traditional Yoga positions. Whether you want to take your existing yoga into a new context or are a beginner looking for a physically gentle way to start training on aerial silks, Aerial Yoga  is for you. Run by Kate, this class involves gentle exercise to tone your core and upper body using the loops and the ground for support.

Bortier Okoe

African Dance

African Soul

Bortier Okoe is a master drummer and skilled dancer. Born in Nungua, Ghana, West Africa, into a family of musicians and dancers, he was exposed to the rich sound of African rhythms virtually at birth. By age 10, Bortier was drumming and dancing in his family’s ensemble “Numo’baatsor”; the ensemble travelled throughout the country, sharing its music and messages.

On moving to Australia in 2009 Bortier created African Soul. The overriding vision that Bortier has, is to use African Soul as vehicle for bringing African music and culture to Adelaide, Australia and the world.


Wendy Samek

Hatha Yoga

Centre Om

Om Yoga aims to offer yoga to everyone who has a desire to experience the many benefits of a yoga practice. This age old system is not a religion, nor a physical fitness regime, or a cult or a New Age fad.

Hatha yoga is both a spiritual and physical practice which opens the individual to their deeper  potential for harmony and wellness. It is both a science and an art. The meaning of yoga is union.

This process occurs on many levels. From the very beginning you will notice greater relaxation and calmness, increased mobility and balance, better levels of concentration and alertness; increased self confidence and perhaps just the experience of feeling happy and content.


Joshua Hoare

Circus for Kids


Joshua Hoare (Artistic Director at the SA Circus centre) and the Cirkidz Tribe will be joining MIMM to give a circus class for kids (7-12 years old).


Cirkidz runs a circus school, performance program and several circus as social outreach projects

Kade Marsh


Kade Marsh is a Black Belt Instructor at the Nino Pilla International Academy of Martial Arts which incorporates, the art and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Filipino Martial Arts (Kali / Eskrima / Arnis / Silat), Maphilindo Silat, Muay Thai / Thai Boxing, Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do amongst other arts.
Through his training under Sifu/Guro Nino Pilla, Kade has had the opportunity to train around the world and under some of the foremost authorities in the martial arts including: the legendary Guro Dan Inosanto; Ajarn Surachai ‘Chai’ Sirisute; Sensei Erik Paulson; Professor Jean Jacques Machado; Supreme Grand Master Cacoy Cañete; and Sifu Francis Fong to name a few.