Alana Gregory and Katrin Kueker

Soul Strong Society & Kalari Australia

The Importance of Traditional Knowledge for Today and Holistic Movement as Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

Alana and Katrin are the co-creators of Soul Strong Society – a  wellbeing initiative created in response to the community and the needs of people. Soul Strong is based in the understanding that human happiness comes from living life in harmony with the natural world, with our communities, and with our inner selves. This holistic outlook is one which is held by many traditional knowledge systems that are often overlooked or looked-down-upon  by  the modern scientific worldview which tends to claim a monopoly on the ‘truth’ about nature, health and reality.

Both Katrin and Alana, have been studying Kalarippayat, the South Indian martial and healing art, since 2010.

They have  spent several months studying under Grandmaster Gurukkal Mohammed C. M. Sherif in Kerala, India, at the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy.

Having experienced the complete transformation of mind and body through the ancient practice and healing art of Kalari, they are passionate about sharing Kalarippayattu with others.

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