Bortier Okoe

Bortier Okoe

African Soul

Bortier Okoe is a master drummer, skilled dancer and a gifted music teacher. Born in Nungua, Ghana, West Africa, into a family of musicians and dancers, he was exposed to the rich sound of African rhythms virtually at birth. By age 10, Bortier was drumming and dancing in his family’s ensemble “Numo’baatsor”; the ensemble travelled throughout the country, sharing its music and messages.

By the age of 16 Bortier had gained a reputation throughout Ghana as an excellent drummer and a skilled dancer. It came as no surprise when he was promoted to the highly esteemed position of Master Drummer at 17 years of age.

On moving to Australia in 2009 Bortier created African Soul. The overriding vision that Bortier has, is to use African Soul as vehicle for bringing African music and culture to Adelaide, Australia and the world.

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