Gaynor Parfitt

Associate Professor in Exercise and Sport Psychology, University of South Australia

Movement and Motivation

How exercise makes us feel has been shown to influence exercise behaviour.  Gaynor will discuss what happens physically and psychologically when individuals are supported to self-regulated exercise compared to when they are prescribed exercise. 

Associate Professor Gaynor Parfitt is an exercise and sport psychologist, Fellow of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) and Honorary Research Fellow of the Steven Hong Research Institute (Hong Kong).  Gaynor moved to the University of South Australia to take up an Associate Professor post in April 2011, and is co-leader of the Exercise for Health and Human Performance Research Group in the School of Health Sciences. Gaynor’s research interests focus upon the chronic and acute effects of exercise on affective responses and well-being, motivational factors that may influence adoption and maintenance of exercise and methods of exercise intensity regulation to maximise psychological and physical benefits.  Her work on affective responses to acute exercise has contributed to the American College of Sports Medicine’s (2010) revision to their exercise prescription guidelines to now include the measurement of affect.

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