Travis (TJ) Ranson

In a repurposed warehouse in Adelaide,  Travis Ranson has established Point Awhich is a hub for young people wanting to develop their skills and discipline through movement cultures such as parkour, aerial yoga and circus.  Travis subsidises Point A with money he earns teaching parkour (Travis also established and runs the South Australian Parkour Association).

An advocate for movement cultures that aren’t centred on competitive sport, Travis volunteers his time and energy to encourage young people to embrace constructive, healthy choices.  His help is sought by governments and schools, most notably at Adelaide’s Bowden Brompton Community School for disengaged youth.  He runs demonstrations for local councils and has helped design parks for people to practice parkour safely.  In January 2013, he held a ‘movement festival’ street party, which attracted around 600 people.  Travis openly shares his philosophy of empowerment, discipline, nutrition, creativity and inclusiveness, and is a positive example of healthy, active living.

For his efforts, Travis was recently named as a Finalist for Youth South Australian of the Year.

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